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The Play and Drama


Neuro-Dramatic-Play is the sensory, rhythmic, and dramatic playfulness that takes place between mother and unborn, and parents and newborn from conception to 6 months after birth.

What is NDP?

Neuro-Dramatic-Play has a profound effect on the growth of the brain, the chemical balance of the body and the healthy attachment between infant and parents. It influences all the future emotional and social nurturing of the child.


Neuro-Dramatic-Play is unique as it emphasises the importance of the attachment process from conception to six months after the birth, rather than traditional thinking that suggests it develops in the first 12 months.


Furthermore, Neuro-Dramatic-Play emphasises that attachment is a playful and interactive process and involves the 'as if' between mother and newborn child (the dramatic response), where the baby is immediately trying to imitate the expression on the mother's face.


Neuro-Dramatic-Play includes sensory, rhythmic and dramatic play and shows how they are intrinsic to the development of healthy attachments. NDP can be introduced at any age from infants to older people where there is attachment deficit or trauma. It can be applied wherever there is a need for re-parenting and repair, both with individuals and with groups.

What does NDP do?

Couple and Baby Painting NDP Training Chart