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The Play and Drama


- The Play and Drama Partnership re-inforces

  the importance of brain development and

  the role of creativity in strengthening healthy

  attachments with children and teenagers;


- The Play and Drama Partnership believes in

  the intrinsic healing qualities of play and

  drama, and their unique capacity to bring

  about changes in behaviour;


- The Play and Drama Partnership supports

  the empowerment of children and teenagers

  by addressing their emotional and social

  needs through drama and play;


- The Play and Drama Partnership encourages

  creativity, a sense of fun and enjoyment

  of life.













Dr Sue Jennings at the studios of BFM Radio in Kuala Lumpur. See opposite for the podcast of her interview.

Our Mission Statement

New Resources Now Available

We are pleased to add some new resources to our website, including two podcasts of interviews that were recently given by Professor Sue Jennings. Please click on the links for the podcasts below, and also see our 'Training and Resources' page on the menu link above.


Interview on 'Life Matters'


For Radio National

(Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Description: What might be the effects of the deprivation of play and physical nurturing in infant years? Dr Sue Jennings is a pioneer in the field of play and drama therapy and specialises in neuro-dramatic play. Sue believes that these early interactions are crucial for an infant to develop a healthy brain.


Interview on BFM Radio (Malaysia)


Description: Neuro-dramatic-play (NDP) is relationship-centric and provides grounding in play and attachment development particularly between infant and parent but also youth and adults recovering from trauma. It includes sensory, rhythmic and dramatic play. We speak to NDP pioneer Dr Sue Jennings as she explains how this interaction is of crucial importance for the development of a healthy brain and how it influences emotional and social nurturing.


Two Articles by Dr Sue Jennings, taken from the BACP CYP Journal

Click on the titles below to view:

1. 'The body, the play and the drama'

   Sue Jennings writes about the building

   blocks of trauma recovery.

2. 'Self-injury, starving and the chaotic


   Sue Jennings uses three client cases to offer

   reflection around the origins of self-harm

   and food challenges. She believes that

   encouraging a sharing of the underlying

   messiness can lead to a decreased need to



BBC Radio 4 Programme Download

Crossing Continents: Malaysia's Runaway Children - The deaths of five school children in Malaysia have provoked an anguished debate about education and what it means to be Malay. The children ran away from their boarding school in Kelantan State and died of starvation in the jungle. They were afraid of harsh punishment from their teachers. Two girls survived eating grass and wild fruits but were found emaciated and close to death 47 days later. The children came from the Orang Asli community, one of the poorest and most marginalised in the country. For Crossing Continents, Lucy Ash travels to the remote region where the children came from and talks to their bereaved parents. Many families are now refusing to send their children to school and campaigners accuse the government of not doing enough to protect rights of the Orang Asli community.


NDP in the Jungle!

A new and unique opportunity has become available to join a research training programme with the a Temiar tribal community in the jungle of Malaysia. CLICK HERE for more information.

Article: 'How Emotion Coaching

Brings Out the Best in Children'

CLICK HERE to link to a recent article (2 Aug 2016) in The Conversation online newsletter. The article is about a topic that those of us involved in NDP have been talking about for a long time!

Please see for instance:

'Creative Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence' by Sue Jennings, Hinton House, 2013

(available HERE on Amazon)